Eco Fair Kids Corner

Eco Fair Kids Corner

Children of all ages can join the fun at Main St. Arena at this year’s Kids Corner at the Earth Week Eco Fair!

The Rivanna Master Naturalists are going in circles this year. Follow the water cycle in an “Incredible Journey” which ends with a beaded bracelet. Or explore the rock cycle to see how mountains, soil, and rocks are all connected–and how one turns into another. 

Ever want to feel a fox or a fowl? Ivy Creek Foundation is bringing its hands-on displays featuring fur, feather, and fang. To reinforce your fondness for fauna, we’ll be offering two creative classes during the afternoon.

At 2:00 pm, we’ll learn more about animal skulls and then practice making skulls out of clay that you can take home. 
At 4:00 pm, we’ll learn about butterfly anatomy and make our own butterflies from feathers and pipe cleaners.

Parents are invited to play with us too!

To learn more about the Kids Corner sponsoring non-profits, check out their websites:

Ivy Creek Foundation

Rivanna Master Naturalists


Annual Children’s Bike Rodeo

This year’s Bike Rodeo is also taking place on Sunday April 21st, from 1-3 p.m. Bring your kids and their bikes for free, hands-on bike riding activities to teach and promote bike safety.  A fun event for folks 6-12 years of age. Free bike helmets, t-shirts, raffle and bike powered blended smoothies for participants.  

Location: Frank Ix Building, (Entry from east side near Blue Wheel Bicycles) 941 2nd Street, SE

For more information: 


Bike Rodeo 

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